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star wars: the clone wars meme | (2/10) characters Obi-Wan Kenobi

"You can kill me, but you will never destroy me."
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filed under:#obi wan kenobi#star wars#the clone wars#star wars: the clone wars#sw edit#my gifs#tcwgif#tcw meme#owk#you do not understand how much i love obi wan#he's my favorite star wars character#he pretty much serves as an achor that supports the entirety of the story#he has a powerful presence and a profound effect on everything that happens#he carries so much weight on his shoulders#and as the story progresses and he grows as a character you can really feel it take effect on him#i also love obi wan because he acts as the voice of reason#not just to counteract anakin but other characters as well#he is one of the more morally stable figures in the saga#he's also very charming#his sense of humor is one of his best qualities#and what i appreciate about obi wan in the clone wars series is how it fleshes that out#though he has his share of dark and dramatic moments#he's allowed to express his humor because it's one of the few things he has to rely on (especially in the later seasons)#he uses it as more of a defense mechanism because inside he's wrestling with his demons and the toll the war has taken on him#and it kills me to know that even though he's come so far and lost so much by the end of the series#he still has so much more to endear and that he will ultimately lose what little he has left#people say anakin's story is tragic but i think obi wan's is just as heartbreaking#wow that sure took an unexpected turn#i just have a lot of obi feels#I LOVE HIM AND HIS BEARD SOOOOOOOOO MUCH
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