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star wars: the clone wars meme | (8/10) characters The Son

"I have done what is right. Or what is wrong. Depending on your point of view.
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filed under:#the son#star wars#the clone wars#star wars: the clone wars#sw edit#my gifs#tcwgif#tcw meme#the mortis trilogy#after darth maul it felt only right to do witwer's other cw character#and i hate to admit it but i love the son more than maul#if only for nostalgia's sake#and the fact that i am forever in love and obsessed with the mortis trilogy#not just because of sam (if you only knew me back in 2011 when these eps first aired)#the son is my favorite clone wars villain (and one of my favorite sw villains along with vader and maul)#he's literally a representation and a personification of the dark side of the force#i just love how these episodes are just one big omen and epically foreshadow the future and anakin's fate#the son has this wonderful sense of charisma to him#but he acts like a bratty child who throws a tantrum when things don't go his way#he tries to kill his father on several occasions#he accidently kills his sister#but his main objective is gain control of the chosen one#and he'll use any means to do so#he possesses ahsoka in order to tempt anakin to give into his dark side#and when that doesn't work he goes after anakin directly#breaking the laws of time by showing anakin his future; in which he does join the dark side#and being a master of manipulation the son tells anakin that if they join together they can prevent that from happening#anakin [with the father's help] does break free of the dark side's control#but the son was such an awesome character#MORTIS FEELS
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